The Kidnapping of Alan Johnston: Consipracy Theory II

Alan Johnston is welcomed at Hanniyeh's house afte - BBC Gaza City correspondent, Alan Johnston, is welcome by former Palestinian prime minister Ismail Hanniyeh at his house. The Hamas leader insists he is still prime minister of Palestine (or the Palestinian Authority) and points out that his securing Mr Johnston from captivity shows how serious Hamas is at ensuring security in well-maintained in Gaza City.
July 4, 2007 4:00am CST
Whereas multitudes of people are overjoyed at the release of BBC Gaza City correspondent Alan Johnston, and highly appreciate and commend the role played by Hamas in securing Mr Johnston's safe release from his "Army of Islam" captors, some sectors of society are quite skeptical about the whole ordeal. Do you think Hamas could have "organised" the kidnapping and capture of Mr Johnston to gain mileage for itself? Could they have foreseen falling out with Fatah president and therefore schemed out a plot to show that they are capable of establishing and maintaining security in theis dangerous and trouble-torn area of the world? What do you think they did to secure his release from the adarmant Army of Islam whon only two weeks ago released a video of Mr Johnston clad in a suicide bomb and threatened to "blow him up" should British and Hamas military establishments attempt to free him? What about their demands for the release of their members jailed in the UK prisons? How did Hamas achieve this feat of securing Mr Johnston's release from the Army of Islam without much ado? What deal was brokered? Or, perhaps, could Mr Johnston and former Palestinian prime minister and head of Hamas, Ismail Hanniyeh, have hatched out this kidnap plot in the first place? What are your views on this ordeal?
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