July 4, 2007 8:25am CST
Which is better way of studying? Reading quickly the whole thing and then comming back to the start and reading it again or reading slowly, understanding everything written?
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@anjrit (997)
• Indonesia
5 Jul 07
It's depend on what kind of that study that you understand better.If you can understand the lesson by reading quickly the whole thing you can use itbut if you comfort and more understand to read slowly or reading agaian and again you can use tha way.It ewould be your usual habit to read if you use one way to read a book I have one tips for you,it's called quantum reading.You read very quickly by following the finger move down (firstly, slow for practice and then faster) in the middle of the text in every page. reading very quickly can be imagine like a ski palyer who will be more prudent to watch the barrier in front of them when he go you will be got a keyword in the paragraph or page that you've read
• India
5 Jul 07
My observation is that few things which are really cheap in nature need to read quickly. We can understand it well even after quick reading. There are few reading materials which require lot of attention and free mind, in such case we must read slowly understanding most of the things so that repeatation can be avoided. Reading quick or slow depends on the reading materils' nature. We have to decide speed while reading. Each reading material is not useful for every person. As per our choice we have to select. One material may be useful for a person which may not be for other.