do you follow your head or your heart?

@tantal25 (839)
United States
July 4, 2007 10:02am CST
which of the two do you follow mostly? for me i think it's what your heart wants and desires because you know in your heart what you want with you life, who you wanna be with, what you really wanted to do, what are your ambitions, etc.
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@dio123 (1788)
• India
6 Jul 07
most of the times I follow my heart only and I also got the results in my favor only, I know using our heart over your head is an emotionally thing but I prefer to follow my heart
• Nigeria
5 Jul 07
men i fellow my heart
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I tend to follow my heart, even when my head is telling me no. This is not always good, but sometimes it works out to be good.
• India
4 Jul 07
While taking most of decision of my life I used my head because in this fake world our heart get hurt at every minute of life. There are very few incident takes place in my life where I take my decision with my heart.I think it is true that our heart know us very well but sometime decision with heart also hurt us. There is always emotional attachment with the decision taken by heart at any moment and in some step of our life,it fake us.
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
More than I want to, I always try to follow my head. But you can't actually control it once you are in the situation. Many of us would want to be a little smarter when we do fall in love, but regardless how smart you may think you are, once you fall in love, you can't help but be foolish at times. For me, I know what I think. I know how to analyze things, and I know what I want. But it's not always that my heart follows what my head is thinking. Let's just say my heart is stubborn, it wants to do what it wants to do. And when it does get hurt, the head will always be there to nag it to it's senses. But so far, I've tried using both. Now in my present situation. I can well say I'm using them both. But sometimes, it's the heart that rules above the rest.
• Brazil
4 Jul 07
Most of the time I follow my head. It's impressive! Sometimes when I try to listen to my heart, and sometimes people say I'm cold, but I can't change. That's my way of life. People complain, however I know that following your head is safer than just listen to your heart ....
@heartsick (832)
• Philippines
4 Jul 07
so far, i've been using my head over my heart.. i have this attitude to think for the consequences first before following my heart wants. i dont know why.. but the bottom line, i always end up loosing.. losing someone i like, etc. etc.,