What do you think of the online love affair?

@mari123 (1862)
July 4, 2007 12:15pm CST
honestly, i do not believe something on internet such as games,internet dating, i think in the cyberspace this kind thing is virtual and intangable. if someone indulge in it he or she must be deceived. internet is just a information source and a tool you can use to do something that is useful and helpful. so this is my opinion,so What do you think of the online love affair?
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• Hong Kong
5 Jul 07
I think if people are deceiving and there are everywhere. I think internet world is just like real world, there are some honest people and there are some pretentious people. And like every love affair, there is chances of meeting the bad guys/ ladies and get our hearts hurt. So rather, it depends on the people you meet themselves but not where you meet them. I think you can feel the people of what they are like just as good as online and in real life. I think online love is possible if two people are sincere and serious enough.