Alarm in The Car

July 4, 2007 9:56pm CST
When a sleepy dirver has trouble in keeping his eyes on the road and gets too close to another car.An alarm sound will automatically come to a stop and in this way prevent an accident.This a new device which will soon be tested in an experimental car in Japan.The computer warning system keeps track of a driver's cindition by monitoring his heart beat with signals transmitted from a band round his wrist.The wrist band records the driver's pulse which measures the heart beet.Each pulse in the wrist sends a signal to the computer.By analyzing the pulse rate,the computer can determine whether a driver is drunk,sleeping or ill.Devices in other parts of the car can also tell the computer if the car is too close to another vehicle or is moving dangerously.The computer will sound the alarm when a problem arises,and will automatically stop the car if the driver ignores the warning.
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@adum0505 (34)
5 Jul 07
To be honest. The driver shouldn't be driving if he is that tired to have a monitor hooked up to him. Think!