World in the future.

July 4, 2007 10:49pm CST
What is going on in this world in the future? Is it becomre more dangerous or safe to live? It was because there a lot of terrorism everywhere.
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@academic2 (7005)
• Uganda
5 Jul 07
sarry81, I occasionally look at my little boys sometimes with that question in mind and cant help feeling very affraid for them. I am in my mid fourties, we lived as infants in a world that looked more promising to the future than what we see today.In my country, a war has gone on for the last 20 years and thousands of innocent people have been killed , people have been bundled up into concentration camps and brothers are killing brothers, sons killing mothers and fathers, land mines are every where, young people nolonger go bravely into the wild like we did for fear of being maimed, land wrangles have become so deadly that only the most powerful who have money and power disposse the weak and defenceless-the adage that only the fittest survive is very evident in our times and you can be sure its gona get worse ont better tomorrow! On the environmental front, i just could not believe it but only last week, i went to the beach of one of the largest fresh water bodies in my country and in the world, Lake Victoria, and I saw with my own eyes, the lake looking very sick and dying! Green substances had polluted the lake, the fish species are suffocating and oh my God, the great lake victoria is drying up and I could even see the lake bed! These are not good signs for the future given that nearly 100 million people depend on the health of this water body! There is the whole sagga of climate change-i fore-see a world that is so hot that the game of skying will die for ever because all the ice on the mountains will have melted, people will be dying of heat stroke, world fresh water will get scarce and an environmentally engineered war over natural resources will errupt, the weak will perish, even the most powerful will not find the world any better a place to live in! Am very angry that man who has the greatest of brains and all the resources to make the world a beautiful world to live in is taken up by the overwhemning drive for consumerism and is greedily destroying the world for short term gains today at the expense of our children and their children's children! So my friend, anybody who has intuition can not afford not to look into the future the way you have done through this topic! Lets just think about the Wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Dafur, Palestine,Aphganistan, the floods in Pakistan, Indonesia, china etc and shall glaringly see that all is not well for the future!