Prices you remember as a child

United States
July 5, 2007 4:19am CST
Can you remember the price of gas when you were a child? Or the price of a candy bar? What is the cheapiest price you can remember on something that you have purchased lately? I remember candy bars being 5 cents to 10 cents. I remember gas being 39 cents a 9/10 gallon. I remember the guy pumping it for you and checking your oil and also washing your windows. I remember when you could go down to the hotdog cart and buy a hotdog for 25 cents. A drivers license only cost 15 dollars. I remember 1 cent bubble gum machines not the 25 cent to 50 cent ones they have now. I used to buy girl scout cookies for 75 cents. remember candy necklaces? bought them for 5 cents now they are a specialty candy for $2.19!! back in the day you could buy a cup of coffee and a slice of pie for $1.00 now it is $5.00!! How about you can you remember back in the days? share please and hugs
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