could u tell me sth abt Nani?

July 5, 2007 4:48am CST
Nani , who has been imported by MU ! Many news said that he is Cristiano Ronaldo II, but i never knew anything about him before his deal!the only his match i have saw is Portugal vs Belgium which he had got a goal . Could you tell me something about him? for instance, how many goals he got in Portugal ?it would be perfect if you are a fan of Lisben Sporting^^! thx !
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• Portugal
5 Jul 07
I'm portuguese and although not a Sporting fan, I can see that Nani has a lot of talent. He seems to be more affected by criticism from the fans or the media, and sometimes he loses his head and starts to do show-off on the pitch that eventually ended up with losing the ball. I believe that Nani will overcome all that, being managed by Alex Ferguson, a man who knows the game and the players inside-out.
• China
6 Jul 07
thank you very much ~ Could you tell me sth more? about Anderson, who comes from Porto ? I do believe Nani has a lot of talent~but i just wonder could he do well as what CR has done -__-!
• Portugal
6 Jul 07
Nani is a good player, but I doubt he'll ever be as good as CR... Nani is a player who has is moments of glory, but also those moments when the crowd starts do deslike his lack of commitment on the pitch. As I said before, we'll see what Ferguson makes of him. ;) Anderson is a different type of player. He's a little weaker physically, but has a fantastic game vision. He passes the ball very well, his passing game is better than his "magic" with the ball. Man Utd has a pearl in that boy.