How do you call your Partner?

@lzjilbb (425)
July 5, 2007 10:11am CST
Call him or her just by name? Or honey ? Or sweetie? I call my girl friend baby :)
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@heartsick (832)
• Philippines
5 Jul 07
i use to call my ex'bf hun.. short for hunnie.. and yes its a mispelled one..
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@axter69 (379)
5 Jul 07
OH now it looks like I copied but I never honest
@joyines (239)
• Singapore
11 Jul 08
we call each other baby. coz we are both just like a baby. needs to be love, care,cuddle and treat well
• India
15 May 08
well...there are many ways by which i call my hubby sometimes,hubby,sometimes by his name as well .actually it depends on my mood in which i am.
• United States
6 Jul 07
I call my girlfriend, baby as well because it sound so sweet. I also call her myrpincess because Im her prince in her life. I also call her mahal (love in english) and sometimes sweetie.. d;) I love calling her different pet names for different moods. lols. When Im mad and she's mad at me we call each other with oru real names.lolz. :D
@pallidyne (858)
• United States
5 Jul 07
Some of it depends on the moment, there is a lot of Hon, lover, and some other affectionate lil ones. If something is really serious, I do have a tendency to cue her to it by using her full name.
@shemah (841)
• Malaysia
5 Jul 07
i call my husband darling.. or whenever i'm my upset, i call him "husband". lol!
@axter69 (379)
5 Jul 07
by phone LOL sorry very poor, I have all kinds of pet names for my wife, normally Hun is the preferd one I use but when we are in a mood with each other it can be something totally diffrent