laws of motion.

July 5, 2007 10:18am CST
Talking about motion and force,they are two words which occur in almost all man's daily activities -they do occur simultaneously.The law of motion will give the precise meaning of motion and force in there scientifical context. His name was Sir Isaac Newton,he was the man who propounded and postulated the laws.That was the reason why the laws were named after him "NEWTON'S LAWS OF MOTION".The laws are in 3's Namely: 1st...LAWS OF INERTIA,which states that a body will remain in its position or will continue to be in a state of its motion unless it has been acted upon by an external force or any sort of unbalance force. 2nd...Force is directly proportional to acceleration provided the mass of the body remain constant. 3rd....Action and reaction are always equal and opposite in there respective magnitudes.
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