Do you buy what you want. . .when you want it?

United States
July 5, 2007 1:31pm CST
Are you able to buy what you want, when you want it or do you wait until it goes on sale? There is a shirt at a department store that I really want but cannot justify buying it at full price. I keep checking to see if it is on sale, hoping that they don't sell out. Do you buy on impulse? Or do you have to think about it before you buy it?
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• Philippines
7 Jul 07
of course thats the reality, and i really buy what i wanted to buy, but for some reasons, i prefer not to buy those things which is very expensive that i couldnt afford it to buy. usually all things i wanted to buy were very expensive.
@dio123 (1790)
• India
6 Jul 07
At present I am looking to buy a cellphone for me as my old one is going to stop anytime counting its last breath but I am waiting before I could buy it as the set I like to buy is little out of my budget therefore I am taking some time before going to buy it
@321633wy (1795)
• United States
5 Jul 07
It depends on how badly i need them,if it's not so urgent or important then i will only buy it when it's on sale.But if i think i can't wait and i want to have it so badly then i will get it regardless it's on sale or not.:)
@sunshine4 (8708)
• United States
5 Jul 07
I use to be an impulse shopper, but that was 4 kids ago. Now I really have to budget. My new items always come last. If I see something that I really want, I keep checking back for it to go on sale. If I am lucky, it is still there and I have enough in the budget to get it at that time. Sometimes I realize that I really didn't need it that much and let it go.