Smart mouth kids and the moms who love them.

United States
July 5, 2007 5:36pm CST
Sometimes when my little kid gets tired, she becomes very smart mouth and talks back. I'm sure I'm not alone on this. Most kids smart mouth at some time or another. But, I was surprised when talking to other local moms that most don't have the same standards that I do when it comes to figuring out if a kid is talking back. Most times if my kid is simply disagreeing with me, I don't consider it to be back talk. But, other moms I've known have thought it might be. I guess we are all different. How about you? What type of things would you consider to be back talk or smart mouthing from your kids? What type of things would your kids have to say before they go into a time-out for being a smart mouth kid?
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• Canada
5 Jul 07
My fiance and I both take a rater laid back approach to smart-mouthed kids. If the kid is RIGHT then s/he's not talking back. If the kid's tone is arrogant then s/he's talking back, but if the kid merely points out something the parent has not yet thought of, and does it diplomatically, then it is not back talk.