how to reclaim passion in lovelife?

@mrddln (458)
July 5, 2007 8:09pm CST
if you want to create more passion in your life or reclaim passion that is curruently not there in your life, this article will give you some ideas. At some point in our lives weve all experienced total passion for life and living. weve all been involved in somrthing that really got us excited and we couldnt wait to have asimilar experience all over again soon. the best physical example we could give you of passion in action is to have you think of any child that you thought is full of energy about somrthing that they are passionate about. i have found the secret to increasing passion in our lives is to follow these very simple ideas. 1.find something you can really get excited about. this can be something from your past, something you do now that you want to do more or it can be something youve been thinking about doing. we were a a gathering yesterday and saw that it was like when someone who was deeply depressed remembered an activity that she had been passsionately doing this years. she left the gathering with a renewed passion for that activity and for life resolving to spend sometime each week doing what she loved. 2.eliminate things in your life that you arent passionate about. were not saying that ypou have to quit ajob or leave a partner.what were just saying is try to determine your goals in your life and how do you want that foal to happen. 3.focus on the good qualities about each other instead of spending or focusing on the negative qualities. so if the passion is missing in your life try at least one of our suggewstions and we think youll see a big difference.
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