Are you a good gardener.

July 6, 2007 1:39am CST
You can take it in many different ways, like what you reap is what you saw. For me, i have been a good gardener because i have planted a knowledge and education while in college, which is a lifesaver because i got to use it now professionally. On the other side, i want to learned how to take care of plants and how to make them grow and be usefull.I wish someday i will learn how.
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@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
6 Jul 07
yes i am..during my elementary and highh school days, we have a garden in our school, and each student owns one, we planted different kind of vegetables and fortunately my garden's plants are very fat..
• Philippines
6 Jul 07
it is good that you know how to plant. Thanks for the response.
@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
15 Oct 07
Yes I am a gardener but on a large scale as my partner and I grow organic vegetables which we market to the public. She does to gardening with the flowers and herbs but we both do the larger ones. We grow pumpkins, watermelons, rockmelons (canteloupes), tomatoes mostly in the summer months. We also grow cauliflower, cabbage, peas, beans and broccoli but in smaller quantities. There are also mardarine, orange, lemon and pomegranate trees on our farm plus about 500 olive trees. So, yes I do a bit of gardening but on a large scale as I said at the start. It is rewarding to see the fruit and vegetables grow but very hard work as we are organic growers and do not use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides ... other than natural products that is. We cannot use anything else or we would lose our status as registered organic growers. It is easy to make a small garden, even in a small space. Tomatoes can be grown in pots, so can all sorts of herbs plus a few small fruit trees also grow and produce in pots. They do take a little care but the rewards of your own homegrown fruit and vegetables outweighs anything else.
@ssh123 (31096)
• India
14 Oct 07
I am not a gardner, but I know gardening. I have now moved to my own independent house and I have planted many varieties of plants and it is nice to watch the plants grow, there are varieties of flowering plants too. I have kept some tools which gardners use and they are of great help.