Korean or Japanese Movies with subtitles pleaaassseee....

July 6, 2007 11:51am CST
I like watching korean or japanese but i dont understand the language thats why i prefer with subtitles...i like thier chic flicks and love stories but i cant seem to find a decent copy here in the philippines..I only get copies from pirated stands and their copy easily gets damaged..Can you guys help me? Is there a site wherein i can just download it from?
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• Malaysia
4 Aug 07
hai momokoichiko.. i also like watching and really enjoy korean movie. usually i borrow any korean cd from my friends at my college but right now i finished my study.so it is difficult to me to borrow the cd from my friend..so i think i want to download it from intenet but the prob i don't know the website..so i glad if anybody can share this website or momokoichiko did u already find any website that we can download korean movie?
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
helloooo...im still looking for a website but i still can't find one..thats the reason i posted this topic-hoping i will be able to find somebody who can help me...whats your nationality? and what movies have you seen so far? the first movie i saw was sassy girl and since then i got hooked..but prior to that i also watched chinese and japanese movies...eventhough i have to rely on subtitles..i still enjoy them..: -)
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
13 Aug 07
go to crunchyroll.com they have good selection of movies and with subtitles too. but first you have to register for free though. What sort of movies do you like? I have watched a lot of Korean Dramas there including My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, The Classic, 200 Pound Beauty, My Little Bride, A Millionaire's First Love, etc. What have you seen that I don't know of? I'm trying to look for titles. =)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 07
i am malaysian.i don't remember what the first korea movie that i was watched..but i think "my little bride". it is movie with two cd only.it's funny and i enjoy watching it. thanks for your reply although you were post this discussion a month ago.i am new user here and hope to earn some money..
• Philippines
7 Aug 07
yeah i like that movie too..i have the series version of that..its sweet 18..also funny..i also suggest you watch a moment to remember..you will really enjoy it if you are a sucker of love stories..i love the story...i wish i could share my cds with you..aheheheh... one thing i love most here in mylot is not just merely earning money but having to interact with people like you and participate in interesting discussions..i bet you have the same reason.. :-)
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
1 Jul 08
If you're looking for subtitle... you can check this site http://kloofy.net you'll find lots of subtitles of asian movies. When you say subtitles, it's only the softsubs, that means it only has smaller file of .srt extension. You need .avi files to be able to use the .srt files to appear on your screen.
@aureliaz (1178)
• Singapore
23 Jun 08
I'm just here to second the recommendations of www.mysoju.com and www.crunchyroll.com - the two websites are fantastic and have helped me out of boredom far too many times!
@ryshawneo (405)
• Philippines
26 May 08
add mysoju.com on your list of website! :)
@mayenskie (1307)
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
hello momokoichiko, Look no more, Cruchyroll is the way to go. Visit www.crunchyroll.com and watch all your favorite asian movies, tv shows, anime/manga/ music videos even games. It's all there! Thanks to Shinji and people who upload the files. You have to register to watch.. its free. =) The files are fast to download and streaming and videos are in high quality. Enjoy!
@pepz1234 (60)
• United States
12 Aug 07
Hi, I'm also a Kdrama and Jdrama addict myself. If you want to download a lot of series, try visiting the following sites: http://www.dramaffa.com/ http://www.idols-unlimited.com/ http://silentregrets.com/ http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/ One thing I like about these sites is that they don't usually require you to register as registration is optional and free. However, if you're a registered member, you can post in their forums and stuffs...