Ever Feel Like Something Is Against You Getting Away for a Break?

@catherIN (430)
United States
July 6, 2007 12:00pm CST
I don't understand. For the last few years,it seems that every time I try to plan to get away for a small vacation something ALWAYS happens to stop me.No joke. It has happened every time. One of the kids get sick, sudden problem with my vehicle, someone has an "urgent" need for my help... it's always something. Just this week, it happened again.My dad went to South Carolina for my step-mother's family reunion. He wanted me to come down so badly [that in itself was unusual]. I have 5 children still at home. I have a popup camper. The camper is not big enough for all of us.My thought was to also put a tent up.The campground that my dad is staying at will not allow tents. My older 3 kids were happy because they didn't want to go. My problem? If we all went I didn't have anyone to take care of our dog and 2 Parrots. Then, the no tent problem, would mean leaving 3 kids home. The 3 kids wanted that, but I will not leave them home alone.But, then I have the problem of finding someone to stay here with the kids. So, as usual I did not go. My husband offered to stay home with the 3 older kids & let me go with the 2 youngest.But, I know my husband wanted to go so I didn't want to leave him. I really need a vacation! Am I the only one this happens to?
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@Mickie30 (2631)
6 Jul 07
I haven't been able to go on holiday for 4 years because I cannot afford it. I'd really love to go on holiday, but just can't afford to. Last time we tried we got a big bill and had to pay for it with the holiday money we'd been saving up. Hopefully when I am working I'll be able to afford it.
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@catherIN (430)
• United States
8 Jul 07
I know what you mean.It's always something. Hopefully we both will find a way to get a vacation soon!
@maximax8 (30066)
• United Kingdom
10 Jul 07
I hope that in the future you will manage to get away for some quality and relaxing family vacations. My sister has 4 children and never seems to organize a holiday either. One of them is usually sick. The third one is just getting over her Chicken Pox at the moment. With 5 children it seems even more challenging hey. It must be wonderful to have a pop up camper. The campground that does not allow tents is perhaps being a bit mean. I also know what you mean about not having anyone to care at home to for your parrot and dog. My mum takes care of my parrot, that is hers really, and my two dogs. The trouble is one of my dogs has got quite a loud bark and it he does this at night it annoys my the other people that live in my road. My dogs have pet passports and I want to take them over to France for a long weekend this summer.