Drug scandal in our class.

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Baguio, Philippines
July 6, 2007 4:36pm CST
The drug scandal proves to grow more severely each hour. Now I belong to the class in the entire college tagged with the infamous drug scandal. We wanted our class to be popular, BUT this is not how we expected ourselves to be noticed as a class. It affects us all. Oh brother... I really hope whatever happens will be for the best of my classmates. As of now, I cannot decide what I think will be best for them. I don't know how to act towards my classmates who are involved. I am baffled. It's very difficult to rationalize any side of this issue. I don't want my classmates to get expelled. But then, I'm not on proper ground to justify anything. Does my loyalty to my classmates have to weigh more than my personal judgement? I don't know. There is this conflict of judgement and loyalty. I'll stop talking about it now. I, we as a class, don't want this issue to grow even more.
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