why men cheat on women?

July 6, 2007 8:23pm CST
oh, why oh why? I watched a talk show about this topic and I thought to start a discussion on here. I hope many people will respond. As for me, men are not born to cheat.They are just provoked to some situation. But, there are some men who are born to cheat that they can live without another affair. I'ts just too unfair to his faithful partner. Men said they cheat because the woman doesn't care about them because she is busy in the household chores, kids or work if she's a working mom. Thus, it can lead him to meet other girls. But, it's not really a valid excuse or reason for me. If, a man really loves the woman, he needs to understand the many roles a women have in the family. He needs to be faithful and caring to her. He needs to resist temptation and be satisfied with his wife and care about his children. There are other things to do to make a man busy rather than meeting other girls, like he can engage into sports or yoga,etc. It can help him relax and enjoy his life. He can even do it with his children and wife, so its like a bonding with the family. There are no reasons why men cheat, its up to the man and woman to understand and be faithful and honest in the relationship with whom they love. Men, Be good to women . Woman are made to be loved and cared by man.
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