Save Money

July 6, 2007 8:27pm CST
Henry was from the United States and he had come to london for a holiday. One day he was not feeling well,so he went to the clerk at the desk of his hotel and said,"I want to see doctor. Can you give me the name of a good one?" The clerk looked in a book and then said,"Dr.Kenneth Grey,61010." Henry said ,"Thankyou very much .Is he expensive?" "Well,"the clerk answered ,"he always charges his patients two pounds for their first visit to him ,and one pounds and 50pennies for their later visits." Henry decided to save 50 pennies ,so when he went to see the doctor ,he said,"I've come again ,doctor." For a few seconds the doctor looked at his face carfully without saying anything .Then he nodded and said,"Oh,yes."He examined him and then said.Everything's going as it should do .Just continue with the medicine I gave you last time."
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