A discussion made be tensed. Can you tell me what's the idea of banning people?

@rakhii (1302)
July 6, 2007 9:55pm CST
There was a discussion by coolcat that mylot has banned a few people from mylot. This is surely because these people did not follow the mylot guidelines. But many a times it may be that unknowingly we break the rules. Mylot deletes the discussion that did not follow the mylot guidelines. It has not happened to me yet but I am afraid of it now. I dont want to leave mylit. Can you tell me what's the idea of banning people. I wanted to know does mylot warns us before banning. Do we get any warns on our e-mail or mylot homepage that if you do this again, you will be banned? We should get to know this. Isnt it? What do you say?
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@touchnshine (2821)
• India
8 Jul 07
Dear rakhii I really agree with you that we should be warned before getting banned .. Now I am very much careful while starting discussions or responding to discussions .. I don't want to banned from here .. I love this site and the people here .. I have no intentions to leave this site .. Also I don't wish to get banned from here .. but still we are human beings and can do errors .. I have read all the Do's and Don't here and I hope I won't violate any rule of mylot for my present as well as future posts. I really feel sad for the members who are getting banned from mylot. There should be some alternative so that the banned/suspended users can reinstate their account. Mylot site needs improvement on this part seriously .. This is not a good way -- banning old users from mylot and not replying to them .. if this keeps on happening then users population will simply get decreased from mylot and people will not be interested in this site anymore .. this part needs to be improved to make mylot future bright.. No one really wants to leave mylot .. so this is my small voice to the community.
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@muhdlor (110)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 07
@her0ic (46)
• United States
7 Jul 07
It would be nice and I think it would be fare if they would at least give us a warning before banning us. Although maybe we should read the guidelines a little more frequently.
@coolcat123 (4390)
• India
7 Jul 07
rakii,there are no warnings at all,my other mylot friends have informed me that they had done no wrong yat they were band....may be there was a certain reason for that which mylot does not want to give out.but most people were highly rated and popular ones. anyways have you read the do's and dont's of mylot.have a check,its important in these cases.
@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 07
So far I don’t have any discussions deleted by myLot admin as I always follow the myLot guidelines. I did have a friend whose discussions had been completely deleted. Before that I had gone through his profile and noticed that there were links to some money making sites which are prohibited and this might be the reason for being deleted. We don’t have to worry about our discussions will be deleted if we never against any myLot rules. rakhii be relaxed and keep on mylotting and you would find joys and funs here but not worry, ok?