How strict are you on your vegertarian diet?

United States
July 6, 2007 11:30pm CST
I was a vegetarian for about a year and then I started eating meat again. I have just recently stopped eating animal flesh again and I was wondering how strict everyone else is about their vegetarianism. I don't drink milk. and Obviously I don't eat meat nor products with meat in them. I seek out products that don't have dairy or eggs in them, but it seems dairy is in almost everything. I have bought the dairy free butter, but I'm hesitant to try the dairy free cheese products.
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@Amstardam (1348)
• United States
7 Jul 07
I'm pretty strict on not eating meat. I've grown to not like the taste of meat now anyway. It never sounds appealing! But I do eat cheese. That's about the only animal product I eat. I sometimes have ice cream, but I usually try to get soy ice cream. It's actually pretty good! I'm also so hesitant to try the cheese! Soy cheese just sounds so gross!! My sister-in-law swears by it though. She says it's good in quesadillas and grilled cheese. I'm just so scared, haha!
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• Philippines
8 Jul 07
Im vegetarian too, but sometimes I miss to eat meat. We can never avoid this one especially if there is a special occasion. I do drink milk but mostly chocolate. I want, at my breakfast, to drink hot chocolate because it makes my body strong or it gives me energy when Im at work. Im not fond of drinking coffee. Being vegetarian, I usually eat green leafy vegetables. I also eat fruits, particularly banana, one serving per meal.
• India
7 Jul 07
I am pure vegetarian. I have never taken meat, agg etc in my life. I am still maintaining this. Actual non-veg's smell does not attract me. I hate fish's smell. It is very bad sometime. Though people eat in mass. If someone is non-veg and wants to convert into veg, it is very difficult to change. Because the family members, friends etc always force to eat meat etc. In such case somebody finds it very difficult to be remained as vegetarian. In the market there are many eating materials which content agg etc upto some percentage. We must avoid to have such things. To be vegetarian is very nice. In this way we save a life of an animal.