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July 7, 2007 12:07am CST
have you found any free sites to do data entry work or any other employment from home base (not including home business opportunities)
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• India
7 Jul 07
well there are quite a lot of sites but i dont know which ons pay. people out here promote one site or the other just to gain referrels. actually its not wrong but mojority of the members here have already joined these sites. so if you join them now, you wont get referrels and you have to have referrels in these sites in order to earn a decent sum everymonth
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• Philippines
9 Jul 07
hi vickyrocks17, yeah youre right!!some people promote their sites just to earn money,they dont really care about helping others.they cared about what they will earn when you sign up in their referred sites. it happens to me, i have a lot of emails to check but still I dont know how will i get my earnings!!!Stupid of me.i hope it will not happen to others.
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
7 Jul 07
There are hundreds of sites which help participants make money, but the authenticity of the sites are not established. Data entry is a big hoax. I paid $300 to get data entry work from China, the dolars vanished, the site disappeared. REgarding survey sites, I paid $49.99, they sent an exhaustive list of survey sites, half of them defunct, 25% of them offered membership for persons from UK, USA, Europe. some of them offered surveys, till today I have not received the money. So I decided not to pay any attnetion to sites which asks for money. They are scammers. Mylot is a good site, though one cannot earn in a big way. I give here below another site address where you can become member.