Such a sad situation.

@sandwedge (1341)
July 7, 2007 2:45am CST
i keep reading about mylot users complaining about their posting deleted or the earnings reduced..since the first day i join. Does mylot have a competitor? a similar earning based discussion? if not the we are screwed.
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@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
7 Jul 07
Well I have seen a slump in my earnings only to receive a nice surprise the next day. If you are wondering if Mylot has a competitor, I am pretty sure of it! Nonetheless just have faith in this wonderful site and I am sure things will begin to pick up…. Just because a lot of members are not vocalizing their success and many choose to vocalize their frustrations doesn’t mean that it is going bad, If you notice, the mot\re you complain the more responses you will receive…..think about that, instead of worrying about our beloved Mylot I wish you luck, my friend and hope that the your future earnings can provide you the assurance you seek
• India
7 Jul 07
none of which i have heard. and as far the members who have been complaining, i have never ever come across any such situation anor my earnings havebeen reduced.maybe theese peolple are not posting right and when they face the consequence they start shouting
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• United States
8 Jul 07
There are a couple but they don't compare much. I like the myLots layout much better. I predict that there will be many sites like this, hopefully soon. There are sites that pay you to post on other forums for them but they aren't as much fun.
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@SunDog (108)
• Latvia
10 Jul 07
i do not know of any competitors of similar product as mylot. maybe others may know and willing to share. competitors should be good as it helps mylot to work harder which mean more earnings for us all instead of the 2 cents perday deal.
@beauty_ph (2751)
• Philippines
8 Jul 07
Yes alot of mylot users are complaining. Some says that their earnings were reduced. I do not know why this happens. But I think mylot have done something and reprogrammed things and change their paying schemes. I just do hope mylot continue to be generous in giving us the payment we deserve. God bless!