Travels with my mother and bother - I mean brother, part 3

Saltwater taffy tin - a tin like the one I got the roomie
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July 7, 2007 1:36pm CST
Tuesday started off later than the other days, while we all went to the bathroom at 4 a.m., we actually slept in until 8, I got to sleep until almost 9 - again the best sleep I had it seemed. After the bathroom visits I actually got up and sat on the couch for a while. I did it hoping that I’d get more sleepy and mom would fall deep enough asleep that she wouldn’t shake her hand for a while. After we were all up, we piled in the car & went to meet my brother at the place my uncle was staying. This was the day we were having lunch with one of my mom’s cousins and his wife. My brother was driving & he missed the exit on the parkway so we had a 25 minute detour while we tried to get back to Lakewood & the restaurant, a place called Charlie Brown’s. I had a nice fish & bake potato, some of the others had sandwiches like French Dip. At the end of the meal my mom wanted a piece of their chocolate cake. I have seldom seen such a large piece of cake! It had 6 layers. They cut it up and shared it with everyone at the table - except me, I couldn’t have it. I had cheesecake instead!We also had a nice visit with mom’s cousins, caught up on the news of the family since we seldom hear from them. Found out one of my cousins - actually one of mom’s first cousins but closer to our age than hers - had married & was living in the town where Rutgers is. After we ate, we went back to drop off my uncle & my brother. My brother went back to help my cousin’s widow with her paperwork for a while then went back to our aunt's. We took the rest of the afternoon off. Mom & I lay down & took a nap, I think my sister did too for a bit. I wanted to go get some saltwater taffy since that’s what my roomie asked for from Atlantic City. Since my sister’s friend is a Platinum Member she had free parking at Caesar’s so that’s where we went. They have opened up a new section they call “The Pier” It crosses the boardwalk & has large glass windows that over look the ocean & the beach. They had a food court there as well as several restaurants. If you got food at the food court, you could take it over to where there’s a few steps down to beach chairs & sand, a faux beach with the loud music. If they had ocean sounds it would’ve been nicer instead of the music. We ate at a place called “The Continental.” It had artfully displayed food on big plates, but we only ordered 2 dishes and an appetizer & it was plenty for the 4 of us. We went down to boardwalk level to go out & found that James’ Salt Water Taffy had a store in the place. I went & bought myself some taffy that was only the flavors I wanted. Got some Almond Macaroons, the taffy for the roomie & some licorice laces. You don’t suppose that one of the flavors of taffy I got was licorice do you??? YES!!! YUMMMM!!!! The taffy I got for the roomie was in a fancy tin. Then we actually went out on to the boardwalk & my sister went off to find some of the soft serve chocolate ice cream while the rest of us waited for her. Then we went back to the hotel to retire early. Even after a couple of hours nap in the afternoon, I actually got a fairly good nights sleep. My mom’s cough was deeper, but less frequent.
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14 Jun 09
Got some rest plus some awesome taffy! Things are looking up!
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12 Jul 07
Oh wow! Just reading all of that made me hungry, and made my sweet tooth kick in BIG time! I love taffy too, but my favorite flavor is banana. Yummo!
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8 Jul 07
I am glad you where able to get cought up with family sounds like mom is handling things well. It is so hard traveling with the elderly. Helping them do everything. It sounds like mom is demanding at times, my mom is so demanding I cannot stand her. She damands stuff from me when I am so ill I cannot stand up but she has to get up and wake me to get up and get her something. Now why dos't she get the thing her self. Mom got to much for me to handle so she is in a nursing home. I use to take her out now and then but she does not even appreciate it nor does she eat what she orders. I took her out to luch the last time and she compalined about the food so I refuse to take her ever again. Mom will not do anything for herself and complains when someone does something wrong so I refuse to feed into that. Sounds like at least you have help with your mother. I forgot I LOVE black licorice. YUMMMMMMMMMMM