Are you forgetful?

Forgetful? - Elephant
@sharon_ (1169)
United States
July 7, 2007 5:30pm CST
Do you start a conversation, then forget what you were going to say? Do you forget where you parked the car when you go to the store? Do you forget where you put the keys? Are you forgetful? Please comment.
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• United States
7 Jul 07
I seem to be a little more forgetful than I use to be. However I never forget events, I never forget what people say to me, and I don't forget about things I have to do. However I always forget where I put things. I am really bad at that, and some times, (such as keys) it could be in my pocket or in my hands and I'm going crazy looking. It's one of those moments I wonder where my brain is when I act like that, lol.
@ofn2007 (121)
• Greece
7 Jul 07
Hi sharon_, well.. yes some times i forget my keys and some times i forget people names(not my friends),but where i parked my car, no not yet.. Thanks
@jene1985 (227)
• Australia
7 Jul 07
I forget all the time Im 22 but I swear ive ot the mind of someone much older..
• United States
7 Jul 07
I tend to forget a lot of things. My children know this so they tend to pay attention to where I park and leave things. So when I forget I ask my boys where I left the item I'm looking for.