Warning: Bomb paranoia at airports

@2timothy (794)
July 7, 2007 7:29pm CST
What is your comment on the mention of the word "bomb" in airports may be subject to detention. If a paranoid airport personnel overhears you mention it, he might react violently and sets off alarm bells. Be careful also with words like explode, burst, blast, blow off, detonate, ignite, spark off. Philippine Presidential Decree 1727 made in 1980 imposes a 5 years imprisonment or a fine of P40,000 ($860) for those making false bomb treats. Recommended bail of $220 for temporary freedom. Seven has been detained so far for making a bomb joke this year in Manila International (NAIA) airport.
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@maximax8 (30099)
• United Kingdom
17 Jul 07
Yes, the word 'bomb' should not be used at airports. In a magazine I read about a girl that tried to detain a plane by saying there was a bomb in her bag. she got arrested for what she thought was funny. I can just imagine how sacred the other people at the check in desk were. I have been to Israel and the people there are very used to bombs sadly. There are many bag checks in Jerusalem as a result of this. Everyone is given a brief interview at the airport before they check in for their flight. I got asked where I had stayed and so on by them. They took me off to a private room to search all my baggage. I nearly missed my flight as a result of this. They, understandably, take security very seriously.
@2timothy (794)
• Philippines
5 Dec 07
I hope security equipments would be upgraded soon that can detect threats without anybody conscious of it even before one enters the airport. This would make travel more relaxing rather than adding to the already burdensome baggages, tense immigration interviews, and troublesome station after station of x-ray and hand inspection.