Your TOP 7 LIST of LP songs!!!!

July 8, 2007 2:22am CST
I love this band a lot!!! thanx for the comment from my previous discussion, hope u who haven't drop to my lot, this is ur turn!! don't wanna be left behind from others right?? let's participating as LP listener, there's no oubt that they are one of the best!! ok, back to the topic.. my 7 LP songs are: (in random order) 1. Crawling 2. In the end 3. Numb 4. Papercut 5. Breaking the habit 6. Faint 7. What I've done what about u? if u are a reall a fans of LP, hurry and write down ur 7 favorite LP songs!! Best regards to all of u and kepp singing :p frend
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• India
8 Jul 07
hi how r u? am also interested about this band.yes they r one of the best. oh! u r just mind u know that, the first six songs of ur choice is the best song I've ever heard. I like them most. The 7th song of my choice may be any song of LP.All songs are very good. ok.keep in touch.bye.
• Indonesia
9 Jul 07
I'm fine thank you.. Good we have the same kind of music.. later I'll post more, don't forget to write down ur respond ok!!! see ya
@jkl1909 (47)
• India
25 Sep 07
numb in the end somewhere i belong one step closer faint what ive done points of authority
@Dumpertaker (1188)
21 Sep 07
In no particular order, the best 7 songs by Linkin Park in my humble opinion are as follows: 1 - Bleed It Out 2 - Nobody's Listening 3 - Somewhere I Belong 4 - Crawling 5 - In The End 6 - One Step Closer 7 - Breaking The Habit. Damn! Writing that was harder than I thought it would be! So many god songs!
@raghavlp (127)
• India
28 Aug 07
i love linkin park very much.. you can call me a hardcore linkin park fan.. i am just crazy about them...i have all their live performances till live earth in tokyo.. i have 20gb of media of linkin park...i hear to all their songs everyday... my top 7 choices from linkin park are 1. Lying From You 2. Somewhere I belong 3. From the Inside 4. One step Closer 5. Points of Authority 6. What I've DOne 7. In the End
@amit2506 (233)
• India
12 Jul 07
In the end Crawling papercut one step closer faint my december what i hve done
@brajesht (12)
11 Jul 07
pts of athrty.....
• India
8 Jul 07
Here r my top 7... 1) Numb... 2) Faint... 3) From the Inside... 4) Leave Out All The Rest (Minutes to Midnight)... 5) Crawling... 6) In the End... 7) Valentines Day (Minutes to Midnight)... I'm a die hard fan of Linkin Park.. They r the best rock band in the world...
@sieukid (20)
• Vietnam
8 Jul 07
7 favorite songs ? I think that not enough. But no problem, i also give my 7 hit LKP songs : In the End Numb Somewhere I belong Papercut What I've done In pieces Leave out all the rest
@rick07 (19)
• Mongolia
8 Jul 07
Yes,I do. My TOP 7 : 1.One step closer 2.Faint 3.In the end 4.My december 5.With you 6.Somewhere I belong 7.Breaking the habit