get something means lose something?

July 8, 2007 2:26am CST
perhaps at my age,26,many people feel the same thing.we always get something from life and the other hand we lose things.i want to live more comfortable with huge expending on ,the fact is ,i have this life,but i lost myself.
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• Philippines
8 Jul 07
Believing in oneself is something the we need to achieve things before we lost our live"s. I want to spend my life in helping people grow. That somehow I can seay i have the best part of my live. Spending our days in improving the lives of other must be the a human endeavor.
• China
19 Jul 07
ye,i have seen what you want me got from your respect.thanks ,these days i have passed through the hardest days in my life,to be on my own.though a little bitter,but i know god will bless me.
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
8 Jul 07
I think it is the ying yang of life, it does seem to always happen in every way of life, one minute you are ever so happy then something really really bad happens I went through a stage in my life that was extremely good and then it was the complete reverse almost like I had the debt of being happy to be paid, it really gor me down so now I try and think positive and just be happy and hope for the best.