Looking for a play for young people!

@sakana (260)
July 8, 2007 5:35am CST
Hey there myLotters, just realized there were two different interest groups for theater so I've posted this in both hoping to get as much help as possible without being too obnoxious. Hope you guys don't mind! I'll be having my theatres studies group examination in September and my group has not found a script we can work with yet so we're quite desperate. We have four females and one male, all 17 years old. We can play any age, crossdress, and take on multiple roles. We're looking for a play with comedic/satiric elements that is set in a non-present time but anything goes really. Just hit me with titles or authors or names or even ideas so I can find a script/create a script based on them! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
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