lawyers? crooks? anyone?

@rexiemay (402)
July 8, 2007 8:15am CST
who says that being a lawyer is financially rewarding??? ive met lots of lawyers and until now they dont have a place they could call their own. prestigious? i dont think so. not all can make it at the top. why study 4 or 5 more years for a career that wont promise you the money, fame and future youve been dreaming of?
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@kel12347 (33)
• United States
8 Jul 07
While I was in law school, I thought I'd graduate and start out making six figures. I don't know what kind of reality I was thinking of. I'm now working at the public defender's office, after looking for a job for 8 months (and my rank and resume should have gotten me hired easily). I enjoy my job, because I get some satisfaction from helping people who need my help. I do not enjoy being sworn at all the time, or being asked if a "real lawyer" would be better. The pay would be just fine if I didn't have a boatload of student loans to pay off. I'll probably be a lawyer for a while, then look into non-traditional legal careers.
@rexiemay (402)
• Philippines
28 Jul 07
hi! i feel that we, lawyers and future lawyers, must put our heart and soul into this profession. i know, the money may be hard but look at us, we are serving justice to the people. we are giving hope to the needy. in my eyes we are the heroes. i know there are evil people all around us and we may not eradicate all of them, but at least we are trying. dont give up on the profession.
@mkcallejo (318)
• Philippines
30 Jul 07
sometimes, it is just about the passion, dream, and prestige. It really depends upon the person however, the legal profession in the Philippines is really crowded.