How do you counter Faceless Void [Darkterror]? Any Suggestions?

July 8, 2007 8:21am CST
Lately i've been having trouble facing this hero cause his bash and his timewalk really pisses me off.And the worst part is he has backtrack that makes him hard to kill. Oh and his ulti is stopping time in an area for 6 seconds... Now thats weird.. this hero is way to good. Any suggestions on how to counter him?
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• India
24 Jul 07
So we r playing against Faceless Void and our attacks keep missing because of backtrack. So what to do? EASY.. Return his damage onto him and watch the fun. I always go for Centaur Warchief when going 1 on 1 with Faceless Void, buy two blademails and heart of tarrasque. Now watch the fun! Even in his chromosphere, he will lose health almost as fast as you. Its impossible to die b4 the chromosphere finishes if u r centaur and have heart and two blademails bcoz of high armour and high hp. We know that Faceless has less hp. And do u know the best thing? Return damage cannot be backtracked!!! Isnt it awesomw? Centaurs already got return damage. So lets assume that damage of Faceless Void is 200. 40% damage return amounts to 80. Plus 50 return damage = 130 damage, that too without attacking. And if u consider ur stun, and basic attack, u should OWN even if 25% of ur attacks miss.
• Malaysia
24 Jul 07
I never thought of that. Hehe thanks..ill keep that in mind cause lately every game i play the opponent nabs faceless void at the start and i get so frustrated. Hehe i didnt know reflected dmg cannot be backtracked... nice tip. Anyway thanks and stay cool :D
• United States
8 Jul 07
It's been a few months since I've actually played this game. I know Naga siren with diffusal blade or the upgraded Mantra Blade(I think) is pretty good against Darkterror once you mana burn all his mana away. Slardar and Naix might just be able to take him on as well. Troll warlord can take him on as well as long as Faceless void haven't used the ult. I dunno... in the right hand of a good player, Faceless Void is a hero that I hate playing against. Same with troll warlord.
• Malaysia
24 Jul 07
Im sorry i didnt have time to come to mylot anyways thanks man Your idea's helped me in some games. Thanks alot and stay cool :D
• United States
22 Dec 10
Void is a very very weak hero. All you need to do is disable him and he is easy to kill with his low str gain. Most people choose not to go BKB on him which usually results in him being easy to kill.
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
It is easy to counter this hero especially if it is 5v5 game. Don't let this hero farm. Hunt him always. Don't let him have gold. Go for fast game. Disable him. Put wards in his farm sites. So many ways.... GG for faceless if this will happen.
@lesanne (20)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
Faceless viod can be a pain in the neck specially on late game. The best thing to counter him is to not allow him to level up. Usually what i do is have Viper face him on early game. Or I would choose jarakal and face him, because of bash and extreme attack speed, there is no way that void would escape, unless he used his cronosphere on jarakal first.
• Cambodia
28 Aug 07
The best hero to counter him are doom and neru. Doom ultimate stop him from bashing and prevent him from timewalk. Eventhough he backtrack some of doom damage but without permabash he is useless. For neru you can have 2 blademails on you and try this combo on faceless void. Backstab, impale, manaburn, Energy Burst (if you have dagon). I usually beat faceless void in my style. Also butterfly is a useful tool from being perma bash!