Life Earth: r u willing to sacrifice comfort to benefit the environment?

July 8, 2007 6:47pm CST
Yesterday and last night"s "planetary concert" supposed to raise consciousness about global warming was a huge hit in terms of attendance and viewership: over two billion people in the audience (both live and through tv). Did you take time to watch? I only tuned in for a few hours, but I learned a few things about saving energy. I wonder though if those celebs who were quite vocal about saving energy would be willing to stop using their airconditioners while travelling in their cars. Most celebs keep their windows closed (and tinted) to avoid gawkers and the paparazzi. I wonder if they will forgo their comfort to help save gas? Using the airconditioner in the car does increase gas consumption. On the other hand, keeping the windows open may add drag, which can also affect gas consumption. What do you think would be the lesser of the two evils? Would you-esp. in this very hot summer weather--forgo the car air conditioner? Please share.... :- }
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@gabs8513 (48710)
• United Kingdom
14 Jul 07
I have Air conditioning in my Car I have had the Car 15 months now and in all that time I have only ever used it once, I prefer the Window open and also it takes the Diesel so I prefer not to use it unless I really have to and the way Things are going here I don't even think anyone would have to use their Air Conditioning as we haven't even got any hot weather and Summer will be over soon
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• Canada
15 Jul 07
Ooops, it should have been Live Earth, not Life Earth! Senior moment there...the weather here has been really wonky. We have had a very rainy spring, and then a series of horribly hot days. I wish we had the money for a hybrid car, but they are pricey! Hugs! {{{{Gabs/Gissi}}}}