I got pulled over tonight....

@MLLanser (162)
United States
July 8, 2007 9:49pm CST
So I was freaking out. I thought that my plates were suspended due to not paying a parking ticket. The cop was pleasant enough, said he pulled me over because my front license plate was not secured horizontally (the right side hangs down since there is no bracket to bolt it into). He asked me why I was not wearing my seat belt, and I told him it was due to personal preference. My mom would have died when she was a teenager if she had been wearing a seat belt, and another friend of a friend did die from wearing it. So he took my license back to his car and I thought for sure he was writing tickets. When he came back, he told me that I am old enough to make my own choice on the seat belt (which I thought was law in this state to wear it?) and he told me that he was just giving me a warning on the license plate not being properly attached. I dont know if it was just that he did not want to do the paperwork, or if just because I have a clean driving record he did not want to give me a ticket? I was really surprised that he did not tell me that my plates are suspended though. So I got lucky tonight. But honestly in all the times I've been pulled over, I have never gotten a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, and I never wear it.
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