What makes you proud to be a Filipino?

July 8, 2007 9:53pm CST
Knowing Manny Pacquio winning boxing, the men of Mt. Everest Expedition and also the women. The Filipino from abroad that made names, the chef from the Whitehouse.Filipinos are everywhere, from fashion designer to singer, we have made our marked to the world, so im proud to be a Filipino.
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• Philippines
18 Jul 07
Here are some of the reasons why I am so proud to be a Filipino: 1. We are very hardworking people 2. We are hospitable and we stand out when it comes to comradeship 3. We are good workers that is why employers abroad like us 4. Our country is very beautiful 5. Our people are beautiful 6. Our color is being envied by many foreigners 7. Our climate is almost perfect 8. Our country is rich but its just that most politicians corrupt the wealth of the nation 9. Our ladies are very carinosa and the men were carinoso 10. We value our elders So many. I would still need to recall the rest.
@jonaida (574)
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
The things you've mentioned also encouraged me to be a proud Filipino, I most esp admire Lea Salonga and all that shes gone through to be famous in what she does and still proud to be a Filipino, it boosts our integrity although we know that there are also bad images of our country. Hope we could contribute too to the good image of Filipinos around the world, even through small things.
@mschiqui (1284)
• Philippines
9 Jul 07
simply our filipino traits and traditions that makes us unique from otehr places,and of course our country philippines have different places and spots that we really can be proud of.