stock trading freelancing

July 9, 2007 2:25am CST
i am stock trader,is there anybody who interested in online stock trading freelancing and want to discuss about it.
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• Hong Kong
18 Jul 07
I am currently a secondary student.But I am interested in stock trading.So you are a speculator or a investor.Which type of stock are you in favour?Banking,insurance,utilities,technology stocks?I am a Hong Kong citizen and the exchange in Hong Kong is well developed and many different large investment firms have their office in Hong Kong.
@anand003 (33)
• India
12 Jul 07
hi misra, how are u doing... im dam intrested in stock trading, can u teach me the basics of stock trading and wats the difference between online stock trading and trading thro brokers??
• Serbia And Montenegro
11 Jul 07
I'm interested cant you please tall me how, where, why, what, when! It is posible to Buy and sale stocks at home whit Interne! please contact me and tall me more detals THANX
@Ronimas (699)
• India
11 Jul 07
Hi shris, welcom to mylot. I have interest on online stock trading, but could not find the right way. I want to start from scratch. So let's have a discussion over it so that I as well as other members who keeps interest on online trading can be benefited, else PM me.
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
9 Jul 07
Could you elaborate how I can go about doing stock trading. Me too am trying to gather some funds using internet to play around. But the funds are coming in real slow. But nevertheless, I can learn the ropes first while I gather the funds don't I? Hope to hear from you.
@anjrit (997)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 07
I'm not stock trader but I interest to online stock trader.Now,I collect the mopney to have a minimum capital that can use to have transaction in online tradings.I interested to forex and stock trading.your experience in this job very goods to discuss.