what would you do if the matrix was real???

July 9, 2007 8:01am CST
what would you do if the matrix was real? would u fly? save people? destroy stuff??
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• Philippines
9 Jul 07
But first free yourself from matrix, free your mind, and then goes back the question how to free mind from the matrix what or define free mind if the definition is in the memory chips of the computers. If matrix is true then 'the one' who is really can fly and not all, so I think you mean if you are 'the one', of course your only duty is to freed us from this matrix or just make the matrix survive or still works, just that it, post comment if have questions, thanks!!^^
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• China
9 Jul 07
Oh,that`s a funny theme for us.In my opinion,human should be fight for freedom.So I prefer be a people who live in a real world but not in a beautiful dreamland.Maybe Morphis is the representation of us.
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@smg_0000 (29)
• Romania
26 Sep 07
i would have Trinity call for me, unplug me so that i could run up to your seat and stick my weenie inside your skull for asking such stupid questions regarding a movie that's got much more to it than flying or saving people or destroying stuff... geez
@cripfemme (7714)
• United States
31 Aug 07
I would be a freedom fighter like Neo, Morpheus (not sure of spelling), Trinity, Tank, and Dozer. I kind of feel like I do that now through my social justice activism. I struggle each day to make the world better, even though it takes a long time and sometimes feels impossible!
@vijay1wdv (357)
• India
17 Aug 07
oh!!, If matrix exists and if we are told that it exists, then we will probably become mad. It is impossible to deny even now in this real world, that it may exist. So, being in this dilemma to accept it or not and thinking whether we are really present or not, we would alll become lunatics. But its nice and different to think so....