Have you ever WON anything???

@Schubler (1529)
October 25, 2006 4:07am CST
I think maybe all of us had won something in their life... i for one have been very lucky as a kid, having won all sorts of t-shirts, cd Players, cd-s, games, computer games... and others... How about you???
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• Malaysia
20 Oct 08
Wow... you are so lucky because you have won a lot of things during a kid. How did you do it? Were there any tips? As for myself I have just won once at the supermarket in my hometown. It was a guessing competition organized by the Great Wall Supermarket in Kajang, Selangor. The customers were supposed to guess how many packs of biscuits were arranged on the display. At that time it was all a coincidence because I didn't know there was a competition at the supermarket. I went there with my little brother to buy him something that I already forget by now. While we were walking to the payment counter, I saw a tall display of packs of biscuits near the counter. And I asked the cashier how to attend the contest and she gave me a form to fill. I asked my little brother whether he was interested and he said yes. So both of us ignored other customers who stared at us while we stood in front of the display, counting the packs of biscuits. We counted many times there were biscuits inside the display which we couldn't see and therefore we just made a logical guess for the total number of packs. Then I filled the form and gave it to the counter in charge. Two weeks afterwards my mother received a telephone call from the supermarket telling her that I have won. So we went back to the supermarket. I was hoping that we won something big. But unfortunately I only got the 10th place and the prize was a large tin of biscuits. Lol! However it was ok because what important is the feeling of joy knowing that I have won something. When we got back home, I shared the biscuits with all the other family members especially with my little brother because he accompanied me while I did the counting. If he didn't want to accompany me, maybe I would have gone home and never entered the contest at all.
@owstalaga (4666)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
Well i just won a t-shirt design contest! I feel so happy! =)