Why dosa is always round?????

July 9, 2007 1:41pm CST
hi guys.. I hav a doubt in my mind from many years.. Y dosa is always round. Y can't it be made in other geometric polygons. Is there any reason behind dosa being round....
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@srganesh (6345)
• India
29 Mar 09
Because,it is easy to get that shape.If you like to get in other polygon shapes,just cut those unwanted portions.That's simple as that.We can add on,why chapathies and pooris are round,also.Cheers!
@senthil2k (1501)
• India
9 Jul 07
Who said ? I ate a Diamond Shaped Dosa, day before yesterday in a restaurant near to my office. Though it costed me more than the regular dosa, I was happy that I can eat something different.
@owlwings (42002)
• Cambridge, England
9 Jul 07
It's because it is easiest to make that way. There is no reason why you shouldn't make it another way (in a square or triangle) but it would probably need a different shaped pan. Generally Dosa is prepared from a batter prepared from a ground mixture. This batter is then spread from the centre to the sides in a circular motion on a hot tava(flat circular frying pan). When the batter is prepared from powdered ingredients, it is poured in a circular motion in such a way that the sides are formed first and then the center is filled with batter.