People are strange

@cher913 (25844)
July 10, 2007 8:40am CST
There was a young Scottish boy called Angus, who decided to try life in Australia. He found an apartment in a small block and settled in. After a week or two, his mother called from Aberdeen to see how her son was doing in his new life. - Angus said, "I'm fine! But there are some really strange people living in these apartments. - One woman cries all day long, - Another lies on her floor moaning, - And there is a guy next door to me who bangs his head on the wall." -His mother said, "Well, ma laddie, I suggest you don't associate with people like that." - Angus said, "Oh, I don't, Mama, I don't. No, I just stay inside my apartment all day and all night, playing my bagpipes." Isnt it interesting what we deem 'normal' and 'strange' when it comes to people???!!!!
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@puchapox (580)
• Philippines
10 Jul 07
That was really funny.. Just reinforces the fact that some things are relative.