How many of you own a laptop?

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United States
July 10, 2007 11:08am CST
With computers becoming smaller and technology is advancing -- How many of you out there own a laptop? I have to say they have become much more reliable and easy to take with in public or on the go. Also the bigger advantage is picking up Wi-Fi (wireless) internet. What is your advantage on why you own a laptop? How many of you don't prefer it and why? What brand do you recommend? This discussion is open worldwide.
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@martinha (631)
• Portugal
10 Jul 07
I have one and it's really useful. I usually take it to school because I prefer my own computer and those they provide there. It has my own stuff and it's more comfortable I also have a desktop one but right now I just use my laptop. I have wireless at home and it's easier because I can be in my room and still have access to internet. Even when I'm on holidays it's easier to carry.
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• Pakistan
14 Jul 07
I have one ACER's Company it has wifi I use it in my University things are really cool if you have a laptop life is much easier if you have a laptop.
• Brazil
12 Jul 07
I have one and I like it. My only complain right now is that it has only 512mb RAM, and I not sure if I can upgrade because there is only one slot for memory on it. I particulary use it for work. The big advantage on it is that I'm able to take it someplace and use it to show some presentation, programs, etc.
@Asylum (48107)
• Manchester, England
11 Jul 07
I do have a laptop, although it is now becoming a little dated. It has a P3 1 Ghz processor, 512 Mhz of RAM and a 20 Gb hard drive. Despite this being well below the current available configurations it is still a very healthy piece of equipment, so I cannot really justify replacing it yet. I find a laptop to be useful but far from essential. it is the type of thing that I do not use for weeks and then use frequently for the next few weeks.
@rabbitgt (40)
• Latvia
11 Jul 07
I have used laptops for a 4 years already. And now I have different undersanding what kind of laptop I want. I have a computer at work and at home, so laptop for me is needed when I want to travel. When you want to travel you don't want to take a lot of big and heavy things, so it means you don't want to take big and heavy laptop with you to travel. That's why you need a small light portable laptop with something like 12-13.3" screen, with good batery and not heavier than 2kg. I am using Sony Vaio 13.3" CoreDuo and I am satisfied, but I would like to get some 11" or 12" ultraportable laptop that I would take for travel. About the brand - I have good exprerience with Sony VAIO laptops for a few years.
@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
10 Jul 07
The hard drive of my fiance's PC crashed a few weeks ago. He's a webdeveloper, and we needed to make a decision right away to purchase a new PC. However, as much as he needs a new PC, he also needs a laptop for his business presentations. So we opted to buy a new laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 5570Z. Initially, it had only 512 RAM. He purchased an additional 512 as he needs more memory for his work. He likes it a lot, he can bring it anywhere he goes, and can work anywhere he likes, anytime.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
10 Jul 07
I do not own a laptop, but am saving for one. I am about one third or one quarter there, depending on whether I will get a Windows or a Mac. I am a writer and I cannot use a notepad as my wrists are quite weak, and as a consequence my writing is rather illegible even to me. So I need a laptop when I am somewhere other than home to get my thoughts down. I would rather get a Mac. I heard they are better than the Windows and are designed mostly for creative people, and I am not into games, but into writing, music, and graphics.