Would you fart in front of your husband/wife?

@wilynn (753)
July 10, 2007 3:16pm CST
I do! We can compete to whose is the smelliest and whose the loudest. What about you? This also applies to those with boyfriends/girlfriends. :D
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• Singapore
24 Jul 07
I will fart regularly but not at the face of my partner. I will go to the back and fart.
@coffeeshot (3785)
• Australia
11 Jul 07
i think the whole farting in front of your partner is a very important step in the relationship. It shows that you are comfortable with eachother. It's liberating! Of course my finace and I fart in front of eachother except usually it's like a weapon. If he farts when he's sitting next to him I'll run off and get him back later when he's not expecting it. In fact I'd say a large amount of our time spent together is spent plotting the next fart attack.
@jbb316 (1779)
• United States
10 Jul 07
Yes. Of course. If I am in the comfort of my own home then why not fart in front of my husband. In fact shouldn't I be so comfortable in front of him that I can do anything. That is why he is my husband. My husband sure isn't afraid to fart in front of me. We had only known each other about 2 weeks the first time he farted in front of me.