How many Chances Do You Give your firends for mistakes before you say Goddbye?

@eashoor (307)
July 10, 2007 3:17pm CST
I tend to give people one chance. If they screw me over once then they are out my life for ever, no questions asked.
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@ysabel20 (10)
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
I think it depends on how strong your relationship are like how long you have been friends and its not easy to forget all the things you've shared like tears, laughter, worries and what your dreams are. If you ask me how many chances do I give to my friend before I say goodbye well it will take a lot not once, not twice but a lot.
• Philippines
11 Jul 07
As far as i know people are born to make mistakes and its ok because nobody is perfect. May be it just depends on the mistake that my friend will commit. but still i will continue to give him/her a chance to learn from that mistake that he/she committed but. if he/she is continuing to do the same mistake without learning from it i think thats the time to leave her/him.
@321633wy (1795)
• United States
10 Jul 07
I will give them numerous chance for doing something wrong to me before i cut off our relationship.However it depends on what he/she has done to me,if they involve in the serious problem that would cause lost my family ,i would definitely give no chance to he/she. I love to give people chance over chance but sometimes they don't appreciate it and they continue to hurt you over and over again.When comes to no choice i just have to say goodbye ...
@truartiss (386)
• United States
10 Jul 07
To me it depends on what they do. If it's something major like hookin up with my boyfriend. Then I'm not gonna talk to them anymore. But for something like he said/she said ya kno "high school stuff" then i might let it pass. They have to REALLY hurt me in order for me to let go.