Is macdonalds alot better now they have healthier choices and made for you?

New Zealand
July 10, 2007 4:24pm CST
Do you think macdonalds is alot better now they have healthier choices? and in nz we have gone to made for you is it the same in your country and if so is alot better than the old way?
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@freak369 (5122)
• United States
11 Jul 07
It's still fast food and it still isn't as healthy as making your own food at home. The salads yes but everything else is still packed with preservatives and additives. In the USA there are so many places to pick from that are a lot better than McDonald's but they have locations everywhere so when people are in a hurry, that's where they stop.
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• New Zealand
12 Jul 07
yeah ive had a few americans come into our mc,s in nz and say they will never go in one in the usa but come into ours cause we have alot more variety. which makes laugh cause its originally american. Do you have a list fo ingredients on the placemats like we do here? like the amount of fat salt etc in each burger?
@trohichko (197)
• Bulgaria
19 Mar 10
Food made there looks good, tastes good but all burgers made there are small and too expensive for their quantity. Food made there is everything but healthy. Fast food is not healthy at all. Fast food means sacrifice you health in the name of work and for there's no sence in it all cause the main thing you get your money is to keep yourself healthy and using fast food you do just the opposite.