How can people live like that??

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July 10, 2007 5:10pm CST
Okay, so some of you know a few days ago I posted a question about some mold growing in our condo and how we had to threaten to sue if our association didn't respond because of various complaints about our upstairs neighbors in the past - none of which they ever returned a call or email. So this time they apparently contacted a contractor (but nothing was said to us) to come look at our place the next Monday...yesterday. So these guys came to look at our place and found that, of course, the leak didn't orginate from our place. So these guys go knocking on every floor. The 2nd floor, our lovely (not so much) neighbors didn't even want to let them in! But they went in anyway to find that their entire batrooms is falling apart and it was covered in mold! Nobody was home in the 3rd floor and the 4th floor (where the leak was coming from) knew about the leak but didn't think it was bothering anyone else. So for the past two days both our bathrooms have been torn apart from the bottom up to about 3ft of our walls. This association still has never said a word to us about what has been going on. The contractors said that when they went into the 2nd floor that they were trying to hide something and heard someone say (don't tell them everything!). We've known that these neighbors have been hiding something for months...we know they have a drug problem and have their drug dealers come knocking at the door at all hours of the night and come prowling around our property if they can't find them. We're so tired of this and now that their behavior has affected us and ruined our property, we really have to do something. But the association isn't doing anything about it. Does anybody have any suggestions? How we can get the cops to do a search on these people's condo? How we can get the association to respond?
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