How you tell yours loves one - I LOVE YOU

July 11, 2007 10:18am CST
Hi there! I wonder how u let your loves one know that you are falling in love with him/her for the 1st time? or what the romantic things u have ever do for him/her? I'm sure everyone have difference experience... Mind to share out here??????
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@sammylind (187)
11 Jul 07
hi i beleive you should only tell someone you love them if you really really meen it, if you beleive you cant be with anyone else but them and you feel like youve found the one, your true partner in life, if there are any doubts dont say it. talk to your partner about your feelings and ask them about theres.. me and my girlfriend said it to each other after a week of going out ! the weird thing is we both said it at exactly the same time!! we both talk about how we feel about each other and hide nothing from eachother, i think this makes the relationship a lot stronger and we are madly in love. i cuoldnt ask for anyone better :D hope iv helped x