threatened for your opinion?

@paulsy (1263)
July 11, 2007 11:29am CST
Let's say you had a business. Your business was doing real well in the market. However, no matter how you try to please every single client, there has to be one or two who you definitely cannot please. They complain. Unfortunately for you, their complaints are published all over the internet, and definitely, peoople read and react about them. How would you deal with this situation? Will you respond to the complaints, or threaten the people who have reacted about the complaints? A few days ago, my fiance wrote a blog about a certain essay writing services company. The blog was IN REACTION to GOOGLE'S DECISION to remove ads for websites promoting academic aids, essay writing services. A certain essay writing service company reacted to his blog and accused him for making slanderous statements, and ordered him to remove his blog. My fiance complied to the request, and instead posted an explanation as to why it was removed, as people were reacting to the unfortunate removal of the blog. He was simply stating his opinion on the issue, and it seems, his opinion hurt the company too much that they have actually sent him emails stating that they would sue him for libel and trademark infringement. My gosh! Why are they so worried about this little guy's opinion when they have so many clients whose complaints they must immediately respond to? Is this the way to solve the complaints? I believe that no matter what they do to threaten him, it will never change his opinion about them. Threats would even make it worse, they don't only fail their clients, they also threaten people for their opinions about their company. And I always thought everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion... has that changed? Read about it.... and make your opinions too... FEAR NO THREATS!
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