My Uncle Was Murdered When I Was A Child?

@Rozie37 (15499)
July 11, 2007 9:09pm CST
When I was a little girl of about six years old, I remember my mother talking to a friend and telling her that she had had a dream that someone in her family was going to die. This dream had my mom so shakened up that she went to church and talked to her pastor about it. Two days later, she found out that her brother had been shot and later died. I remember going to his funeral and I remember having nightmares that I would wake up and see his casket next to my bed. Because, I was so young then, I didn't remember a whole lot of the details. All I remembered was that his wife had shot him and killed him and was only in jail for two days. I also new that his wife's name was precious and that they had a son who was about the same age as my older sister. That was all I knew until about five years ago when my older sister and I were visiting my aunt, who was dying of cancer. She told me that he and his wife had separated and that she was staying at her moms house. He came over to try to patch things up and a fight started and she shot him in the back and he died. Just this afternoon, I was talking to another aunt, who feels that she will not be around much longer and she said that they never were sure whether the wife killed him or the boyfriend who was there. She said that the wife testified in court that she killed him in self defense. She claimed that she was scared to death of him. The judge bought that because my uncle was very tall and intimadating looking. At the time, my aunt says that they could not afford to hire an attorney to pursuit the case further. So they just let it go. She also told me that she had just found out that the wife's real name was not Precious, but that is what my uncle called her, because he loved her so much. She said that he had went over that day to try and work things out because he loved his son and wanted to get back together as a family. She said that her youngest sister(the same one who had talked to us about it five years ago) had went to see him in the hospital that night. She said that she held his hand and that he squeezed it so tight, that she had to pull it away from him. The aunt that I was speaking to today, says that by the time she got to the hospital he was only breathing and she waved her hand over his eyes and there was just a blank stare. She says that after the funeral she ran into the wife twice. Once, at a grocery store where the lady saw my aunt and got out of the store as fast as she could and then again at a launddromat. She walked in and saw my aunt and hurried right back out. Today, my aunt gave me the real name of the mother and son and she wants me to try to find them on the internet. She wants to tell the son that she is his auntie in the hopes that he will want to have a relationship with his father's family. I was telling my aunt that there is no telling what the wife has told him about his father. I really have no curiosity about either one of them, but I will do anything for my aunt. I was feeling very angry just listening to her tell the story. I don't know how I would act if I ever had to face this lady. This happened around 1976 and I believe that it should be left back there. I am normally a very nice, forgiving person. But, if I had to meet this woman who robbed me of the chance of getting to know my uncle, I don't know if I can tolerate her, much less be nice to her. I mean, this is a woman who broke my families heart. I don't know all the facts, but this story sounds pretty fishy to me. I was telling my aunt that if someone had murdered one of my sisters like that, they would surely not still be walking this earth. Would you want to meet these people if you were in my shoes?
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12 Jul 07
Rozie, this is one I think you need to pray about, and take it to the Lord. It sounds like your Aunts have forgiven her and want to see how their nephew has grown up. I feel you should follow in their footsteps. You do not know the whole story, you only know what you are told, maybe she did not shoot him mayebe the boyfriend did. Who knows I believe it is between the shooter and God. Yes you missed out on knowing an uncle but you do not know if you would have had a relationship with him if he was alive. I have lots of Uncles that I do not know they are alive, I just do not know them. Before you do anything you might go and talk to your minister or sit down and pray and see if you get some piece with this problem. Good luck.
@Rozie37 (15499)
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12 Jul 07
I have already calmed down about it. But, like I was saying to someone earlier, I am not use to my family expressing the type of emotions that my aunt did today. It made me angry to hear the hurt in her voice. The women in my family are very strong and proud, so when I hear them get like that, it scares me. I am usually the soft one and they have to comfort me. I don't mind being there for my aunt, but I was just longing to do something to take the pain away. I don't even know what kind of person my uncle was. He could have been a complete jerk. But I know my aunt and I am very weak when it comes to my family.
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