my life here in canada

July 11, 2007 10:35pm CST
i am very excited at first to come over here in canada, i thought everything will be good, but i suffered so much, i encountered a lot of problems, pertaining to my papers, i have problem with the agency, with the immigration lawyer, my employer and my even my relatives. which leads me to think bad, several times i wanna suicide, but everytime i wanna do it, i think of my mother, my father and my brothers, who always trust on me that i am brave, courageous.
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• Canada
12 Jul 07
I am tutoring a Korean lady with her spoken English and she has also expressed that things are very difficult for her in Canada now that she's here. I just spoke to her today - and will see her again tomorrow. She said that all the excitement of a new beginning in Canada is often crushed by the hardships, government document papers that often are delayed - and even our culture and unhealthy food is sometimes a discouragement to her. There are 'resources' for you in Canada - but nobody hands them over easily - this is what my Korean friend is finding out, too. There are many things that I KNOW she should petition the government for but she doesn't know they are available - and her immigrant worker and other 'official' people she deals with during her stay here - they DO NOT OFFER HER ANY INFORMATION! I have been very angry and frustrated over her situation but we're going to double-check her documents and things and check some government manuals, guidelines and stuff like that so that she can apply for services that she requires - that any human being requires, no matter what race or status they have. Please hang in there!
• Canada
13 Jul 07
i work permit got expired because of my agency but they blame on me. but i am still working that time even i dont have wrok permit for living. my employer's kids were so rude to me, and even my employer. i only eat cookies for a week working in that house, because she put a tag on every food in the fridge "dont eat this", even the cookies she counted it. my life becomes terrible in that house. second time my work permit got expired because of my lawyer. i did not trust the agency anymore so i hired a lawyer to do processed my papers but same thing happen, agency is a little better that the lawyer at least the agency did something for me....but the lawyer she asked a big money to do the job but even reading from papers she never this time i did it for myself, and now i am waiting for the approval of my papers, hopefully everything will gonna be fine. my life is not easay know what i wish "if only the old times will back come, i will never try to go away from my nativeland" thanks to you