"global terrorism.... its spreading.. " isnt there anything we can do...???

@anita212 (117)
July 12, 2007 12:56am CST
The recent 'failed uk plots' is one of the grim reminder wat our society is facing.. its chillin' ta know if the bomb didnt go off hw many people common men, women , n children goin' bout their routine business in the airport could hav died in cold blood... wt is it these sad terroists gain... by killin' innocent people ... wt is their message...? dont they famileis they love... or is cos' of the injustice dat their famileis face during war... dat they take ta terroism..... but wt do they gain by blood- shed... another person.. another victim... another child... innocently... dyin' in the name of... god ...??no its all in the name of religion....! n this sort of religion dat we r all following is not bringin' us any peace...!! religion is based on 'peace'... i hope people realize this before its too late.. cos' u cant achieve anythin' with 'hatred' or 'terror' or 'murder...' ... only with love brotherhood n peace
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• India
12 Jul 07
Its just a day after the 1st anniversary of the Mumbai Train Blasts, and you will understand how all-encompassing terrorism has really become. Its tentacles has spread throughout USA, UK, Spain, Africa, West Asia, Pakistan, India, resorts in South-East Asia, practically leaving no zone untouched. The basic problem with terrorism is that one man’s terrorism is another man’s patriotism or religious zeal, or economic compulsion…call what you may! Until and unless all men are true to themselves (which is impossible), their conscience, wiping terrorism will not be possible. We have to rise above patriotism, religious fervour and economic gains to realize a world free of terrorists.
@anita212 (117)
14 Jul 07
sooo trueeeeee.........!!!!!!!!!!