does age really matter?

July 12, 2007 10:36am CST
why is it such a big deal if two people who are in a relationship have a big age gap? does age relly matter? in what aspect? it is a crime to fall in love with someone way older or someone really young? are there specific norms when it comes to falling in love? who sets the standards?
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@rhinoboy (2129)
12 Jul 07
If two people really do fall in love, it doesn't matter. I don't think big age gaps are usually right though. Often one person takes advantage of another. it matters less as you get older - say 30 & 50 would be OK, but when people are young I think they are preyed upon because they are often immature and vulnerable to manipulation.
• Philippines
12 Jul 07
don't you think it is the other way around? that people who are older are often preyed upon since they are on the "losing" end? that maybe the reason why young people would "prey" upon them is that they crave for the love and attention that people their age cannot give them?
• Portugal
22 Jul 07
s fr certain thing it does... cuz u cannt still keep on playing like babies... u hav responsibilities ....
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
it's just like this..for 29..i have a bf..he's 21..we're if people around us are bothered..err y should i care?...its not their i need to explain to each of them that what my bf and i have is real? do i owe that many explanations? i dont think so... do whatever makes you with whoever makes you happy.
• China
12 Jul 07
first i want to say it is not such a big deal if two people who are in a relationship have a big age gap .becase my some firends are older than me .about the love how to say ,love is not relationship with age .